Just CALL and it's GONE!

Old appliances like refrigerators, hot water heaters and washing machines are heavy and awkward to handle, most often requiring two people. Even if you manage to get the appliance out of the house, then you have to figure out how to get rid of it. Just give us a call... Whether you need us to remove and haul away a single item or have a mix of multiple items. We'll get them out of your hair quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Refrigerator Removal
Freezer Removal

Air Conditioner Removal

Stove / Oven Removal
Washer / Dryer Removal
Dishwasher Removal
Hot Water Heater Removal

Water Softener and more.

Household Appliance Removal Orange County, NY

Appliance pick up and recycling

We recycle all major appliances, appliances containing freon are brought to the appropriate recycling facility all other appliances are recycled for scrap metal.

Our Appliance Removal & Dumpster Rental Service is available throughout most of Orange County, NY